Communauté Belga

The community project

Concept: The Belga community is made up of people living in a territory that offers food, shelter and the possibility of raising a family in safety.

The "harvesters" work to produce healthy food on their property. The sale of their harvest will be the basis for making / issuing the Belga currency, which will be used for all commercial transactions within the community.

When creating / making money, a tax will be due. This tax will feed the shared fund. The tax is redistributed on the one hand to the needy to ensure the lodging and the cover (young children, the sick, the people without income) and on the other hand to the management of the territory.

In practice

The first phase of the project: demonstration, discovery of the web platform and the mobile application.

The site allows a fictitious registration or login via username and password see here.

The web platform and the mobile application make it possible to consult the account, the profile of the other users, to make payments, to receive payments, to print tickets, to deposit announcements, an internal messaging ...

The connection as "harvesters" (recolt1, 2, 3) offers the additional possibility of selling crops and generating money.

The mobile application: Cyclos 4 mobile is downloadable on Google Play via your Smartphone. When launching the app, screen configuration, enter the following url: and submit. Family is more fun!

The second phase: Launch of the platform and registration

You are a producer / harvester of vegetables, fruits, cereals, honey, eggs, breeding ..., professional or private, you produce without chemical inputs, you sell your products for sale and you adhere to an internal regulation.

The income generated in belga will allow you to make your market through the ads present within the platform (Market).

Registration as a consumer member guarantees you healthy food for your health and cheap. To purchase belga's, exchange goods or services via the ads with other members.

Creation of Belga

When a harvest is sold, two events occur:

  • 1) The harvester receives the amount of his sale on his account and the buyer receives the goods;
  • 2) The harvester receives a quantity of money created by the system. One part feeds his account and the other part feeds the shared box.

Quantity of Belga created after the sale

QuantityCreated Belga
Vegetables1 kilo
Fruits1 kilo
Meat1 kilo
Milk1 litre
Honey1 kilo

The territory

The territory is a common property and available to all members of the community.

It allows cultivation to eat and drink, housing for housing and space management for the needs of the community.

Everyone can acquire a parcel of land, exploit it and generate income, but by paying a tax.

The harvest

The foodstuffs harvested are vegetables, cereals, fruits, meat and animal products (milk, eggs, honey). These are produced without chemical inputs or phytosanitary products. Culture must promote the health of consumers.

The sale of this crop will be the basis for creating belga.

The share / tax fund

There is sharing because the common territory is exploited in private plot by the harvesters. Others do not have the capacity to do so but are nevertheless associated with the revenues generated by the "common" territory.

In return for the privatization of part of the territory, a tax is introduced.

This is deducted from the income generated by the exploitation of the parcels.

Specifically, the operator / harvester collects in addition to the proceeds of his sale, 80% of the belga's manufactured during the sale of his crops, the remaining 20% ​​will feed the shared cash. The previous example is given for a royalty rate set at 20%.

The distribution of the amount of the shared fund is made in priority to the needy who are: people unable to work (children, sick), people without resources, collectors of the fee, the costs inherent in the management of the territory.

Commercial transactions

The exchange or commercial transaction involves a transfer of ownership (goods, services) using the currency tool.

Donation and loan are not commercial transactions. Community arbitration will not be available in the event of a dispute.

The community uses the electronic platform (web, mobile) to perform the transactions.

There is no tax on transactions.

The electronic platform and the mobile application

Through these two tools, members can view their balance, make payments, receive payments, post ads, send / receive messages, update their profile, and view other members' profiles.

For more info, see page fonctionnement.